Hired by van Uitert BV, TRE has commissioned four robots in a kegline in brewery located in Madrid. This involves a kegline where plastic preforms are being destacked before being blown up to become an airkeg. Consecutively the airkeg will be filled, sleeved, equipped with a tap adaption (smartcap), packed and palletised. Van Uitert BV has built and integrated the line with the blowmoulder, filler and sleever in exception.

TRE has commissioned the following robotapplications:



Depalletiser preforms, FANUC M-410iC/185:
The preforms are inserted in the robotcell by the operator. The robot has teh following jobs to do with the pallet:

– Remove topframe
– Remove intermediate boards
– Destack preforms
– Destack pallets

Every item except for the preforms will be stacked on separate locations by the robot. Besides this the robot removes the intermediate sheets from an external smartcap depalletising system.

Capper en Packer robot, dual arm FANUC M-710iC/50 + M-410iC/110:
The sleeved airkegs are being inserted into the robotcel by the conveying system. From another direction, the smartcaps are fed into the robotcel. The capper robot picks a smartcap first. The orientation of picking is determined by a clever pocket on the robot tool. The tool is rotating over the smartcap and at the right point the smartcap will fall into the pocket. The vacuum system will pick the smartcap then.

The robot with smartcap will move to the airkeg and at this point the robot is practicing a rotating search instruction again to find the right position of the airkeg. When the smartcap falls over the neck of the airkeg, the right position is reached. The robot will turn the smartcap a few degrees extra to fix the cap onto the airkeg.

From capper to packer
The airkeg with smartcap is now being transported to the packer robot. This robot will pick up the airkeg and moves it through a blowersystem to remove the most of the moist on the keg. Then the robot will put the keg into a box. After this the box will go through a box closing machine towards the palletiser robot.

Palletiser FANUC M-410iC/110:
The boxes with airkegs are fed into the palletiser robotcel with the conveying system. A stack of pallets is inserted into the robotcel by an operator. The robot will search for the top pallet and places this on the palletising position. Now the boxes will be picked one by one to be placed on the pallet according to a predefined pattern.