Pick & Place

TRE realised a number of pick and place systems for different customers. A number of these project is found below.

Carrier pick & place system

Fanuc R2000iC165F

For a customer in the graphical printing industrie TRE has implemented a robot in a complete manufacturing system. This system exist of a robot with 5 production machines. All machines are a one of a kind development. Each one will perform a separate step in the manufacturing proces using a product carrier. This carrier is a cylinder shaped inox pipe, with a length of appr. 1000 mm and a weight of 50kg.

The function of the robot is to transport the carrier between the different machines. The order in which the robot carries out his jobs is the key to an optimal line performance.

In this project TRE has programmed the complete robotsoftware. In order to do so, a shortline communication was important because of the short leadtime. Together with the customer, TRE determined all interfaces with PLC and gripper. Also all robotfunctions including errorhandling and manual operations were part of this. In the end TRE took care of the robot wiring, testing and commissioning.


ABB IRB660 250kg


TRE realized a palletizing system for a customer in the foodindustry. The system counts 4 robots, each with 2 pick and 2 palletising positions. By giving the robot the necessary flexibility in the tooling and a centralized infeedconveyor for the transport of boxes, every robot can handle every size of boxes. Doing so, a maximal flexibility of the palletizing group is realized.

TRE had delivered software as well as commissioning on site. In the engineering traject, TRE has given advice regarding the robotcel and its reachability and regarding the flexibility and reliability of the tooling.

Packing robot

ABB IRB4600 45kg

For an endcustomer in the meat processing industry, TRE is involved in the packaging of pieces of meat up to 7,5 kg in boxes. The pieces of meat need to be packed according a certain pattern inside the boxes.

Using a vacuumgripper the meat is picked and placed in a carton box. The flexibility of the vacuum system creates the possibility to handle the shape deviation of the product. Because of this gripper there is no need of a camera system, which comes to benefit of the project costs.

TRE delivered software and performed the commissioning. Also TRE advices the customer in creating the robotcel layout and the gripper.

Brick glueing robot


For a customer in the construction sector TRE took care of the commissioning of a brick glueing robot. The function of the robot is to glue bricks on construction walls with as an endresult the well-known prefab brick walls.

The bricks are to be placed on the wall according to a certain pattern. The information of the pattern is read by the robot by loading a CSV file. This information is translated to robotpositions.

The system exists of infeed conveyors, brick storage, an outfeed conveyor and a glueing installation. These components are all controlled by the robotsoftware. The robot is the master unit in this system and in this way there is no need of a PLC.